Sorceress is a magic-based immersive sim about becoming an agile spellcaster while seeking the means to escape Salguro Castle, a place where unrestricted experiments have given birth to unrelenting threats...

Discord: Wabbaboy

In the XVII Century...

Melinda is a street urchin living in an impoverished town. Hoping to escape misery by stealing from the wealthy, she breaks into the nearby Salguro Castle known for being home of the mysterious and infamous Sulgeri Witches but is quickly captured after realizing this place has many terrifying secrets.The castle’s butler, Ieronimos, will be Melinda’s only ally, giving her a strange hat capable of powering all manner of incredible gadgets.
The only way to survive will be to collect all the hats the other Witches have and use their combined power to completely destroy the parasite. But in her desperate mission, Melinda will also discover the forgotten history of the castle and its secrets that have remained dormant for hundreds of years.

What is it?

Sorceress is a first-person action-adventure game with a strong focus on flexible systems and emergent gameplay. It's a take on immersive sim freeform style of gameplay where magic is dynamic and can be used for much more than dealing a large amount of damage.


  • Highly dynamic environment: every barrel is a physics object, every torch is dousable, every plant is burnable

  • Heavy focus on improvisation: cast magic, kick enemies, kick objects, steal your enemies weapons, toss them back at them... every encounter is a beautiful mess

  • Run, dash, swim and climb (ladders), gracefully surpass every obstacle in Salguro's Castle and unlock its many hidden passages and shortcuts

  • Collect Weapons, Boots, Witch Hats, Potion Recipes and more, expand your arsenal and adjust your loadout as you see fit

  • Unveil the evil plots of The Witches of Salguro and get ready to suffer the products of their experiments and fight their minions


  • Bioshock and Dark Messiah for their magic systems, character progression and copious amount of kicking action

  • Divinity Original Sin and Zelda:botw for its highly interactable elemental systems and room for improvisation

  • Demon's Souls for its level design based around a single checkpoint per level

  • The first Mistborn trilogy of books for creating a badass ninja sorceress and creative use of magic systems

Who are we?

We are a couple lads from Spain 🇪🇸 whose taste in games and media is all over the place. We wish the industry hadn't strayed as far as it did from the revolutionary PC games from Looking Glass Studios, so, among other things, we aim to follow up on their design philosophies with our own style.Other professionals are being commissioned to contribute to Sorceress in areas such as music and sound design.